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Hurricane Screens

The Shield screens are the ONLY Roll down hurricane screen Motorized or Hand crank system certified by Miami-Dade (NOA 17-0426.11). Additionally, they are also very effective when protecting against everyday: solar, weather and insects.

The Shield: Simply The Most Advanced Hurricane Shutter In The World

Brought to you by HighWind Shutters: Leading the Industry in Innovation

FINALLY A Hurricane Fabric That Is 24/7/365

HighWind Screens & Hurricane Solutions offers the best solution for the homeowner who wants a screen that has been designed and tested to provide protection against hurricanes as well as a solar screen that provides protection from everyday weather conditions of the sun and insects.

HighWind Shield is tear and puncture resistant, and offers a 10-year limited warranty on the fabric.

HighWind hurricane screens offer a unique screening system that combines all the attributes of a solar screen with the strength of a hurricane product, a solar screen that exceeds the requirements of Miami-Dade County impact test for hurricane protection and has a 10-year warranty. It is made to be used every day, in every weather condition from glaring sun to hurricanes.


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Properties & Benefits of The Shield Hurricane Screen Shutter System

Have you seen our High Wind Hurricane Screen System?

It is a revolutionary hurricane screen that is unlike any other systems available today! It is the newest technology and designed to be used as a year round system. The screen is simply one of the strongest and most durable textiles available today. At the very heart of its superior performance is a carefully engineered aramid core.

Aramids, are lightweight materials that possess extraordinary strength and heat resistant properties and are often used in aerospace and military applications such as body armor and ballistic composites.

Most other products available today use the polypropylene material and there’s no comparison when it comes to aesthetics and year round functions of our High Wind Screen System!

In additions to the screen material, the two piece roller tube not only increases the strength of the unit but also reduces reel flex (deflection) and allows the screen material to roll up even, tight, and free of creases or bagging.

High Wind Hurricane Screen System is approved for FBC and Miami Dade.
  • Reduces glare and harmful rays of the sun
  • Able to withstand 3,200 lbs of pressure per square foot
  • Rain resistant / Fade Resistant / Wind Resistant / Mildew Resistant
  • 10-Year Limited Screen Warranty
  • Reduces Energy Costs (up to 20%)
  • Provides Privacy from outside
Solar Screen
  • Blocks up to 95% of Sun’s harmful rays
  • Reduces glare & energy consumption
Hurricane Protection
  • Exceeds large and small missile impact tests for Florida Building Code
  • Exceeds impact test standards for Miami-Dade County
  • Exceeds standards for International Building Code
  • Exceeds standards for Texas Department of Insurance
Other Benefits
  • Enjoy the outdoors with protection from insects and bugs
  • Extended exposure to the sun will not result in fading like with other screens
  • The screen is designed to be tear & puncture resistant

The Shield from HighWind Shutters VS. Competition's Polypropylene Screens

The Shield is the only hurricane screen mesh to have a non-burn rating and testing versus polypropylene used by all our competitors is a flammable material. Our patented designed fabric is an Arimid blend of Kevlar and polyester with a vinyl coating that includes a 10 year warranty.

In addition to providing hurricane protection, the Shield also offers bug protection, solar protection, privacy and has good visibility inside or outside, day or night. No other hurricane screen systems offer these features.

HighWind Shutter (The Shield)

  • 2 piece roller system
  • Reduced deflection (reel flex)
  • Allows the screen to roll up tight without creases or pocketing
  • Allows the interlocking system that is sewn into the screen, to stack off to the side of the roller
  • Only the visible screen material to roll on the enlarged center roller
  • Better visual aspect and aesthetically appealing to the eye
  • High Wind’s Screen System can be used year round
  • The bottom bar includes a 1” thick wool pile felt to ensure protection against bugs crawling under the bottom of the screen

Competition (Polypropylene)

  • 1 piece roller system
  • Creases and/or pocketing can occur
  • Unsightly screen border is visible
  • Less appealing to the eye